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Candy Darling’s letter to Peter Hujar

24 November 2014

Author : reba

On what would have been Darling’s 70th birthday we remember her through her iconic photographs taken by Peter Hujar of her on her death bed.

This letter was written to photographer Peter Hujar by Warhol superstar and trans woman Candy Darling while she was suffering from lymphoma before her premature death at the age of 29 in 1974 . The now famous photograph named ‘Candy on her Death Bed’ was created for the purpose of being published in Warhol’s Interview magazine and the letter presented here shows us a different perspective to the hauntingly beautiful photograph that Candy had organised. Within these contact sheet photographs we see Candy in bed, limp and frail but her intrinsic glamour shines through the sterility of the hospital setting in a completely overpowering way. Even in face of death Candy Darling’s pioneering character provokes a kind of energy that could only be produced by an individual as original as Darling.


Candy Darling’s letter to Peter Hujar about her hospital bed portrait, October 31, 1973.

Dear Peter,

Thank you for at last sending me the contact sheet. I would like two prints of all the ones I have marked. Please call me at xxx-xxx-4219 and tell me how much they will be and I will send you a check.

I am very anxious to get these pictures as I want them printed in Interview and you will get photo credit.

My fans would feel cheated if they didn’t get to see what I looked like in my hospital bed. I think you know how I feel.

Please be speedy Peter this means a lot to me and after the hell I’ve been through I think I deserve this little favor. So call me right away O.K. thanks. I’ll be seeing you soon.



Candy Candy Darling Peter Hujar Candy Darling Peter HujarCandy Darling Peter HujarCandy Darling Peter Hujar

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