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Marilyn Minter celebrates the beauty of female pubic hair in her new book

10 December 2014

Author : reba


Over a period of six months, artist Marilyn Minter asked a variety of women all from different backgrounds and races to grow out their pubic hair for the purpose of her capturing images of this important area of the female body in her usual ultra glamorous and heated fashion.

Anyone unaware of Minter’s work may find this subject matter pretty brave, however her usual work deals with close ups of make-up heavy lips and hyper glamorous reproductions of pornographic images.

The very fact that Minter had to persuade her subjects to grow a completely normal area of their body which spends most of its life under layers of clothes and rarely seen by many other human beings is really quite a strange request. Sadly we still live in a world where women accept the unrealistic expectations to modify their bodies and not question it, and there is no better example of this other than the area of pubic hair. Now, to have pubic hair is more shocking than to not have any. Porn culture has had a huge impact on how women perceive this area to the point where anything over a few days growth becomes an uncomfortable experience to so many women in how they relate to their own arousal and the boredom of keeping up the maintenance. The paradox of this concentration which so many fixate on is that in reality this displeasure exists more for themselves than for their sexual partners.

Minter described her project in these words

“I paid all of these models to grow out their pubic hair. There were redheads. There were Swedish girls,” pointing to hair that was pure white. “Everything’s real. Nothing’s dyed. This a black model. And an Asian model. I just want to show that it’s really beautiful stuff! That it is a beautiful thing and that fashion changes. Don’t laser it off! In the book I’ve gone from really raunchy to super-elegant, so I don’t know which is which anymore.” (source)

So its wonderful that a female artist has created these super arousing and confident images of women in full growth in 2014. Minter glamourises the pubic triangle in her 70 paged book named Plush in her all empowering way, the addition of manicured nails and lighting which exemplifies a kind of nightclub feeling delves into a deep female eroticism which seems to be missing in our current culture.

The 9-by-12-inch book named Plush is fully illustrated with color images (no text) and has an edition of 500 copies at $50 apiece and became available on December the 3rd through Fulton Ryder.




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