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Skinhead: An Archive at Ditto Press

11 December 2014

Author : reba


The skinhead subculture has to be one of the twentieth centuries least understood and explored subcultures which boasts profoundly political and aesthetically challenging qualities. Ingrained with a partially racist history, in depth celebration of the formation and traits of this subculture have often been brushed under the carpet due to its often aggressive undertones. However the skinhead culture wasn’t entirely racist and its breadth of ritual is really quite expansive. Existing with a cross section of zine content, photographs, record covers and tattoo documentation this book looks sure to grasp the missing links of how this subculture has been digested in terms of its cultural influence.

The book has been divided into sub-sections looking at the original iteration of skinhead, the fascist interpretation, the socialist counterpoint, queer skinhead culture, exploitation literature, skin girls, and everything in between.

So it is deadly exciting that Ditto Press have been working with graphic designer Jamie Reid to design this new study of the Skinhead subculture with printed material curated by Toby Mott.

If that want exciting enough the book features an exclusive font design, developed and adapted from a skinhead article in Penthouse magazine, which will be available to download in the Ditto store. Alongside a wealth of unseen visual material, the book will contain texts from writers with unique experience of the culture, including Bruce la Bruce and Garry Bushell.

This evening Ditto Press will be holding their private view for this new book and exhibition where as a part of the exhibition, one of Sang Bleu’s favourite menswear designers Martine Rose will showcase new work responding to the subject material, helping to put skinhead culture into a contemporary context. NTS Radio will be supplying the amazing Gary The Tall, playing original skinhead sounds, with a guest appearance by Ray Gange from the seminal film Rude Boy.

Doors open this evening at 7pm

4 Benyon Road,
N1 5TY

Find out more about Ditto Press and the book here

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