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An email conversation with a Fur Coat Fetishist

20 January 2015

Author : reba

Rick AKA The Dragon has a fur coat fetish. He creates images using computer software of women wearing enormous fur coats engulfing 90% of their bodies and then shares the images on his Flickr account where you can find him by his user name ‘dragonmaster12”².

The Dragonmaster creates hundreds of images on computer software to fulfil his fetish of women quite literally drowning in fur coats. What is fascinating about these images is that their reality could be so easily achieved. Google search ‘woman in fur coat’ and thousands of images will surely appear. Or alternatively Rick could photograph a woman wearing a fur coat to share on the internet. Its the fact that these photos have been augmented from inception by Rick into a situation that has never existed that is so absorbing.

There is something almost haunting about the digital images that Rick makes, the reality of creating an image of a woman in a fur coat closes in on the mundane and there is nothing instantly sexual about these pictures. Rick reveals no nudity instead we see women engulfed in digital fur usually in domestic situations. The overtly tactile nature to these images with pasted pictures of smoothly photoshopped women’s faces in a virtual setting of a glamourous bedroom or on a ski resort only adds to their surreal nature. There is also a lack of perspective to the images, a woman’s face will be slightly too small or her body will be static in comparison to her background. Most of the time the amalgamation of layers of fur leave the bodies of the women looking even more out of proportion. Theres a complete lack of continuity to the images but it completely adds to their intrigue.

We decided to interview Rick over email to find out what drives him to make these fascinating images and exactly what it is about fur that he is so drawn to.


What is it about fur coats that you find so alluring?
Interesting question!When I was a young randy kid growing up in a cold environment,
I realized early on, that cold weather brings bodies together…and at that age, I was really interested in the ladies!
I soon realized that it was a turn on for me to see young ladies wearing layers of winter clothes.
Shortly there after I started offering my coat to the ladies to wear over theirs.This for some reason cranked my libido up to eleven, and I started wearing two or three coats so I could layer the ladies up, and still stay warm too.
Naturally this wasn’t rejected by them, because they were being “looked after” and kept warm.
After graduating college, I dated a “well to do young lady”.. She never mentioned what her folks did and I never asked,
Till she wore a full length shear-ling, with a mans raccoon overcoat over it to a fridged football game we attended.
Needless to say I was “hooked” what a turn on!! She explained her folks were into the fur trade, and I was shortly exposed to
sex in layers if furs..and COLD outdoor sex with only furs to wear..”If you haven’t tried it, you SHOULD!”We split up but I still had the “fever”.. I do to this day… thus these silly pictures are my hobby.How did you become aware of the fur coat fetish community on the Internet?After twenty years with the paramilitary end of a major risk management firm, I found I had virtually no sell-able skills..
So I offered to work at a local ISP for free, to learn IT work and web design. after a while I bought half the business, and was ran the ISP..That gave me 24/7 access to the net, because I lived in the building with my daughter, who was attending college.

If you have ever put a kid through college, you know it aint cheap!
So I began designing websites for others and ran into a gentleman named Jay Kraft online.
I did some of his adult web sites and got the idea..What about a fur site? I advertised it by doing fur photo-shops for men and women for a small fee, if their partner wouldn’t indulge them , they could at least still have the fantasy..
You would be surprised how many sold too!

So I got Jay to do photo shoots of pretty ladies naked in fur…and split the profit with him 50/50..
We remain partners to this day…

We have been in business together doing this for over 20 years.
although I no longer run fur fetish sites, as the market is now saturated, I moved on to producing Internet movies, so I am still very active on the net today…My production companies are in Wales, And Portugal. is one of the bigger ones..

I am still active in producing adult fur related material for others though.

I recently gathered up all the old photo shops and put them on flickr, thinking someone might enjoy them.
I still do about two or three a week for kicks…


What kind of computer software do you use to make your images?
you might find this a bit strange, but I do all the images with a 23 year old program.
the original jasc paint shop pro, basically because it isn’t over simplified, and the “painting” functions are more “real” to the touch. whereas newer graphics programs focus on filters and having everything “automatic”. and to be honest the only reason I put down pencils paint, and paper was the undo feature lol I also do not use a digital stylus and digital drawing pad as most graphics people do..
I paint with the mouse…it’s easier because I learned that wayfor more advanced filters and lighting effects I use ulead photoimpact, and again the original build of the program, for the same reasons.
How do women react to your interest in fur coats?
about 99% of them LOVE it. you meet the occasional tree hugger, but when they tell me how many innocent animals died to make my coat I usually say “I didn’t think anyone saw me do it.. now ill have to kill you too” lol. Note I love dogs… but they dont taste very good (just kidding)
the biggest problem I have is once a lady tries on one of my furs is getting it back… I have found that most women who have never tried on a fur are the ones who usually resent them.
What is your favorite type of fur?
I am really partial to the coarser furs, like raccoon, coyote.. and I love timber wolf and caribou, but i love the softness of fox too.. sable is god’s gift to the fur world… a spirit high… a lady in sable coat (or several at once) is wonderful! lots of fun in bed too!

How much is your interest in fur is to do with the sensual and tactile nature of the material? Or do the cultural connotations also interest you?

Of course the softness and warmth are arousing, and I have a coyote floor length coat, 60 inches long , (I am not small guy) that is big enough for me AND a lady to share..
on cold days I get quite a few takers too.. I can tell you unequivocally now that am pushing 60, that midlife crises is much more fun single lolI am basically a misanthrope and don’t give a hoot what anybody thinks. most of the woman I meet love a man who can think for himself, and hasn’t been “feminized”. the reason I wear furs is they are like a second skin…a luxury thing if you will. if the temperature goes up they breath like wool and you don’t over heat, but are instantly
warm going out the door, unlike goose down and plastic, in which you have to move around and generate body heat. animals are efficiently made!
In my opinion the PETA folks would last two minutes where I live.. we hunt for food here, grow our own, and I don’t foresee eating twigs and health pellets anytime soon.
we have plenty of wildlife here, and if you don’t thin the herd, they would starve anyway. so for me animal skin is a natural.

How do you choose the kind of woman you want to be wearing the coats in the images?

I prefer the fresh look, not anything slutty, that is a big turn off for me..
Classic looks, old time stuff, and the business women thing.. Powerful women (not dominant, just self assured) really turn me on
so the rich thing and the furs all goes together preferably smiling of course, like they are having a good time.
since as I said, I am not a kid, anything under 50 looks young to me lol.. and there are a lot of pretty faces on the net to choose from

For you do you think more is better? A lot of your images show women literally drowning in fur.

Do I think more is better? hehehe that is pretty self evident isn’t it? sure. You can never have too much fur! One of things that makes the images difficult (and probably why you don’t see many more made the way I make them) is every photo have a unique “profile” amount of pixel noise, brightness, hue color balance, contrast… etc. You have to have an eye to match these and a steady hand to stitch together credible looking images.. I find it stimulating and arousing, because I can make my own fetish art exactly like I want it..

Do you think most people with a fetish for fur coats are from colder countries?

well you can make the argument that people from warmer climates aren’t exposed to them as much,
as like where I live, but once introduced to the smell, tactile thing and the warmth
during the cold snaps we do have, I get a LOT of converts…Now where i grew up furs were everywhere Generally for men it’s a sexual thing, as men are visually stimulated. I have never been female, but it seems to them it is a means to an end (pressing a guys warm up button) or just warm soft clothing. altho I have met some women it really arouses too!

How do you choose the settings for where you place women in the images? Is the setting important to you?

what ever “floats my boat” for the image… I try to use unusual backgrounds,because this is all about the fantasy right? A lot of the images are done to order by people making requests. I have two on flickr of ladies in fur on horses back that are good examples.
A lot of time i wil just go with a mutation of the original photos background for realism..
a well made shot provides a lot of tech info for matching color, contrast.. ect.

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