Currently reading : ‘They don’t talk, they always look good, they wear every piece of new clothing that I buy for them and I have nothing to explain – I decide and I have all the fun.’ – an email conversation with newslipman63, a mannequin fetishist

‘They don’t talk, they always look good, they wear every piece of new clothing that I buy for them and I have nothing to explain – I decide and I have all the fun.’ – an email conversation with newslipman63, a mannequin fetishist

10 February 2015

Author : reba

The mannequin fetish is not a particularly original one, if anything its arousal seems rather obvious in comparison to the others we’ve explored on Sang Bleu. However, seeing one individuals exploration, obsession and construction as good as newslipman63‘s deserves our attention.

I found newslipsman63’s collection of photographs of mannequins during my weekly internet hole of the weird and wonderful world of fetishes a few days ago. At the time I wasn’t focusing my attention towards mannequins but rather found myself scrolling endlessly through photographs of the many different ways that men were using silk fabrics to arouse themselves. This is when I found a startlingly uncanny photograph of what I thought was a woman with a beige silk shirt over their shoulders. On second glance I realised that it had the immobility of a plastic object rather than the fleshy tones my eyes had become accustomed to.

There are a couple of things which make newslipman63’s photos so good, his direction of each image is carefully dissected, the styling of his mannequins changes largely, the positioning of the plastic bodies varies from the subtly romantic to the outrageously sexual. You can see that he spends a large amount of time choosing and buying different garments, accessories and wigs for his models, with many of the pieces being thirty to twenty years out of fashion. As usual for this type of sexually subversive image maker, his amateur photo shoots take place within the domesticated safety of his own tastefully safe home, blurring out any noticeably identifiable notifiers of his own identity. Newslipman63’s fetish doesn’t really vary too much from the kind of practice of playing with dolls, manipulating a fantasy which couldn’t be achieved with a living and breathing human woman. Role-playing his 1980’s female fantasy all with the evocation of the suffocating Guy Bourdin-like dead behind the eyes woman willing to arouse the most personal of his sexual flirtations. I got in touch with Newslipman63 to find out more about his photos. He didn’t really have much to say that we wouldn’t have expected from him and his answers seem to come straight out of Google translate, but the conversation is quite good and you can read it below.

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Hello newslipman63,

My name is Reba and I am the editor of a magazine called Sang Bleu. The magazine explores themes about the body, sex, fetish, body modification, tattooing and subculture.
I would love to interview you about the photos you take, the interview would of course be anonymous if you wish it to be and all I’d ask from you is to send me back some answers via here.
Tell me what you think. I ‘d love to find out more about your creations!



Hi Reba , now i find a little time for you. Please feel free to ask your Questions, but i decide to answer – one by one – or even not. If thats OK for you ? thanks Jan

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Hello newslipman63,

Thank you so much for taking your time to reply, I fully understand that you may only want to reply to some of the questions. Please tell me how these work for you. Here are a few to get started with:

How do you decide what style of clothes you choose to dress the mannequins in? What is it about slips, underwear and silk fabrics that you like in particular? (by the way you do a fantastic job of styling and lightung!)

Where do you find these mannequins?

How many mannequins do you own?

When buying mannequins is there a certain style that you look for?

When did you first realise that you were interested in mannequins?

How much planning goes into organising the photographs you take?

Where do you take inspiration in how you position the models bodies?

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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Hi Reba,

It would be a pleasure to answer your questions. You are right, I have a great fetish for the clothes my models wear. My real GF could never understand why I love 70s and 80s clothes and for anything made of Satin or nice Underthings. I think my Birthday was 10 or 15 Years too late for these styles. Oh and by the way – thanks for noticing the way I use styling and lighting – it is pure fun for me – every time. The mannequins I own are all from ebay and other auction sites, of this week I can count 21 of them. I prefer Hindsgaul Mannequins from the late 20th Century. These models are my idealistic type of real existing Women. They don’t talk, they always look good, they wear every piece of new clothing that I buy for them and I have nothing to explain – I decide and i have all the fun.

To look at the Girls is Satisfaction and so nice. The first of the Girls, she left me, to make space for two others, and so on.., i got into this in my early 30s. Often i realise the option for a good photo, when the light is changing and comes in from another angle, then I put the model in the right Pose and the shoot begins. Taking photos has been a great hobby of mine, ever since i began to walk! Dozens of Cameras share my life, they come and go, like the Models. Advertising and PinUps from the 50s to 80s inspire me when I’m taking these photographs. To make a good session is happyness and the Flickr Community encourages me and gives me support in what and how I do that.

And on the last note: It was a pleasure to do this and if you had any further Questions feel free to write me twice. Thanks Jan

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