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Woof Woof I’m Back: Franko B at the Mayor’s Parlour Gallery

11 February 2015

Author : ellen-turner



Woof Woof I’m Back!! is the first exhibition of Franko B’s studio work in London in the last four years.

If you are not aware of Franko B, he is the iconic London based Italian multidisciplinary artist; originally a performance artist, he now embraces a range of mediums such as video, photography, painting, installation and sculpture. He is internationally renowned and his work features in the permanent collections of the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert museum.

This exhibition presents a new body of Franko B’s work: a series of 80 drawings made from wool stitched onto paper. For the artist whose original work is based on the bloody violation of his own body, Woof Woof I’m Back!! transcends this piercing of the artist’s skin to paper, threading scenes of sex, the everyday and provocative statements with coloured wool on pastel paper, the lines are sensual in their invite to touch.

The exhibition presents stitched drawings of sexual engagement, everyday objects and a series of political messages that rage to ‘fuck’ everything: fuck democracy, fuck poverty, fuck what you want, fuck dead art, fuck heroes, fuck war, fuck love and fuck nothing.

Another set includes stitched messages of satire and criticism towards the arts industry, particularly the YBAs and some of Franko’s neon work is also featured.

Woof Woof I’m Back!! subverts the traditional expectations of embroidery and the artist’s use of paper to create an exhibition of political and poetic statements; the works are confrontational and controversial, yet delicately formulated in a medium so commonly associated as a mere decorative feminine pastime.

Woof Woof I’m Back!! is on show at the Mayor’s Parlour Gallery, 1st Floor, Bow House until 27th February 2015

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