Currently reading : Deliquium: An exhibition of the dark movements

Deliquium: An exhibition of the dark movements

18 February 2015

Author : ellen-turner

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Deliquium is an exhibition of the Dark Movements scene that’s hosted by Milk and Lead gallery and happening at London venue, Electrowerkz this weekend.

The unique three day event sees a cross pollination of music producers and contemporary artists creating a spectrum of multidisciplinary and multisensory events including live music, visual art performances and the Dark Room’s space for erotic poetry. Industrial, Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics, EBM, Goth, Dark Wave, Post Punk, Opera and Experimental Music are the underlying current that lends to the exhibitions theme and narrative.

Deliquium will submerge its spectators and participants in a cultural stream of darkness by bringing artists together whose expression and influences are deeply connected to subversive aesthetics.

More information can be found here.

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