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The Tattoo – a documentary

27 February 2015

Author : reba

John Samson is the man who made the seminal fetish documentary Dressing for Pleasure but he also made this lesser known film called The Tattoo made in 1975. This footage is also of incredible historical importance in terms of capturing subculture and also possesses dreamy aesthetic viewing.

The documentary examines why people choose to get tattooed before a final climatic scene in a dark room where naked tattooed bodies are offered to the viewer as pieces of art as the camera spans across the bodies in various ways making them resemble some kind of precious statues. Reality versus Fantasy all within the subject of flesh are encapsulate this film in a truly iconic way.

Watch out for Rusty Skuse in part 4 before the films exhibits some shock tactics by showing off some piercings at the end of the film.


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