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An Interview with Fanny and Idan from UY Studios

27 March 2015

Author : cairo-clarke

UY Studio is the creation of Berlin based design duo Fanny and Idan. Having just launched their latest collection we wanted to find out what it’s like to be an emerging fashion brand in 2015. Interestingly, UY Studio aren’t particularly concerned with chasing trends and following seasons. Instead they aim to be considered as an art collective involving fashion, home decor, photography and art inviting us all to become a part of it. Their minimalistic style and almost futuristic cuts and shapes are reflections of their ethos to be a brand that “creates no aesthetic division between him and her”. We interviewed them to find out how Berlin has influenced their latest collection and what we can expect from them in the future.



What roles do materials play in your line and where do you source them?

For this specific shoot we chose to use textured materials that showed of the forms of the models. For one of the looks the fabric is very shiny and exaggerated, and then in contrast the other one is nude which is very fresh, delicate, childish, and feminine.

One of the things we stand for is comfort and a unisex-aesthetic, so as result we find that jersey is the best material for our ready-to-wear collection, which is available at our online store We source our materials both locally and internationally. And we try to build a relationship with our providers. The textiles could be from a textile fair, a market, or even from the Far East. We are very flexible and open; usually we get it in Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Italy.

As an emerging brand what do you feel you add to the fashion industry?

Our aim is not to fit into the fashion industry. We have never seen ourselves fitting into that mould. We’re more of an art collective””making music and art as well as garments. What it comes down to is we wear what we want to wear, we make what we want to make and we listen to what we want to listen to. So maybe we aren’t giving anything to the fashion industry because that’s not where our inspiration is coming from.

What is the theme of this collection?

Basically we were really inspired by the fetish-culture in Berlin. We feel that the aesthetic is very perverse, androgynous, and embodying this idea of self-owned sexuality. It’s very strong, very fierce, and of the both models we used are very secure with themselves and confident. The models, Mika and Soren, are actually a couple and they were really the inspiration for the garments and the shoot. They’re very free and expressive as individuals and that openness brings a very raw element to the photos.





How does Berlin translate through your collection and to those who shop it online worldwide?

Berlin is such an international capital and also place where you can be yourself and be free, and because of that we’re super inspired to make clothing that all of these different types of people can wear. Here in Berlin you can express yourself in a way that maybe you wouldn’t be able to do in your own country””be it through your gender, your sexuality, your art, your style of dressing, ect. There’s just a freedom here that is very unique to the city. We’re all wierdos here, and because of that nothing is taboo.

If you could choose one video, artist or designer who has inspired you this year who would it be?

We are very blessed to be surrounded by so many talented people that we can’t really point out just one person who inspires us. Whether it’s music, photography, or performance art””we’re inspired by everything that’s being created around us! These days we are working on our new website which will contain a blog as well as our online shop. This way you can get a better idea of the UY universe, which contains a lot more than just the garments. So stay tuned because we’re very excited to share everything that we’ve been working on!

Photography: Jacqueline Mikuta

Models: SŸren Drastrp & Mika Twister



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