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Danny Fox at Sang Bleu Los Angeles opens this evening

23 May 2015

Author : reba

IMG_2019We’ve spoken to Danny Fox about his private view happening this evening at the Sang Bleu pop up tattoo shop in Los Angeles. After the Sang Bleu Contemporary Arts and Practice Space invited painter Danny Fox to have a residency at our space, this evening he will be showing the work he’s created there. We spoke to Danny to find out more about the work he has been making.


Recently you have been working from your hometown in Cornwall after living in London for years and now you are in LA, how has working in these radically different spaces affected you work?

In London I had years to figure out what I wanted to do. I was chipping away at it for a long time, so all the work I made there is very laboured, thick with layers of re workings. After those works had been shown I felt I had become synonymous with certain images so I back to cornwall to try to do something different. The work I made there is more abstract, less scenic. As far as the surroundings go Cornwall in winter is mostly about staying inside apart from the odd outing to the local. I made around forty works there. It was 5 months of howling wind and rain. So I came to Los Angeles. Here I’ve made 15 paintings in 2 weeks. I’ve tried to paint the country, historically and culturally but also can’t help taking the piss out it. It’s been good to be warm but these painting are basically drive/ thru fast food versions of what I normally make.

Could you explain what some of these new paintings look like? In terms of them being ‘drive/thru / fast food versions of what you usually make?

I made them very quickly. They were made in a huge warehouse. The speed and the space. America! I also made a series of abstract pieces here using cut outs that I really like , but they’re small . I think it’s because I just spent 5 months in Patrick herons old studio in cornwall. Want to make some biggies like that.

Have you felt an affect on your work from being in LA?

Even not having the materials I like to use and my books around me has had an impact. I think what I’m finding out is that it doesn’t really matter where I am or what I have I can work.

Could you tell us more about your recent venture into using ceramics as a medium?

The paintings I was making in Cornwall were massive -3metres square , and I fucked my back and neck up working on them After a few months. So I needed to do something different. My friend Sam hall who is a great potter who works down there let me use his pottery studio. I made a six of seven big pots and so big plates. It was fun. I made some prints too but I gave them all away.

Join us this today, May 23rd @Sang Bleu LA

683 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021


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