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An interview with a fetishist – Women’s office foot wear placed in water and desserts.

29 May 2015

Author : reba

'Another Satisfied Customer'
‘Another Satisfied Customer’


A pair of women’s feet wearing the most mundane heels patiently sit in clear boxes of water in a hotel room, a business woman in a polyester suit sits on the side of the bath and submerges her heels in the shallow water while reading a report, nylon clad feet in tastefully safe court shoes sabotage desserts. This isn’t some form of contemporary art critiquing our modern capitalistic society and the place that women have in it, rather they are images created from the depth of an online fetishist’s mind.

Missshoeadventure is a Flikcr account which shares image of business women erotically flaunting their feet to the dream of the most specific fetishists. As we all know the foot fetish is hardly that surprising, and if anything is one of – if not the most popular sexual ‘deviances’ in existence.

However what Missshoeadventure excels in is his truly original juxtapositions of where he places women feet in his photos. With a huge online following and endless images, I’ve been speaking anonymously to this man about his fetish and how he goes about creating these mind blowingly original images.


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Hi rebasangbleu!

misadventure0142 has sent you a message on Flickr.
Subject: Re: Interview
Date: May 27th, 2015

Hi Reba,
No problem and thank you for your nice complements! I like to think so too. Taking a somewhat unexpected person and situation and turn it into something more on the erotic side or at least a bit more sexy is what I am after. Hence, going from the mundane to…imagination. I may have noted it before but I like to create the erotic in a non-traditional aspect. What I mean not the first thing that probably comes to mind where the subject are bound in leather and or they are nude. I stereotype a bit but I think its true from most, even myself and that is why I am not so conventional. I have nothing against these perceptions. Leather heels are nice and I like exposure but Its all on how its displayed. Besides, I can get into a most places when everyone is nicely dressed vs leather and chains!I figured you were more interested in the wet look and it can be innocent enough and erotic at the same time. Again it’s one’s perception. To me, its not a real question of why I do it but that I like how it looks and if I can create story line, I will. I have a forthcoming wet look and another I have done months ago that I have not posted as yet so stay tuned!Great! Love to see the article! If you would like to display any of my images in your article, you may or not. I know Flickr would never showcase my work due to its content but someone recognizes it and I am fine with that. Its not for everyone, I get that. I did have a jealous member once cause me to have my settings to restricted because I would not give them what they wanted so its not always smooth sailing and they had images far more graphic than I so I returned the favor! I don’t get mad, I get even!Finally, I do archive all my images so the few images you see on Flickr are from larger sets on the average of 100 to 150 images per session going back to 2001.Best Regards,AJ

I’m particularly interested in how your images turn relatively mundane situations, like a woman in the office in the objects of sexuality. Did these photos occur out of your own experiences?

Basically, I work in an office setting and I have always liked the professional looking woman. For me I try to take the noted mundane and turn it into a somewhat unexpected situation. The images I take are of my own imagination and not from a experiences for the most part.


How long have you worked in an office setting for?

It’s not so much the office setting. It’s hard to say. I have admired women for decades through my career. I work in a corporate 14 years but in a manufacturing setting with offices much longer. I could go all the way back to my early days working in a restaurants with more formal dress standards with clientel. My interests are not something currant.

There seems to be a particular type of woman that you recreate in your photos, is this on purpose?

I am not sure by your meaning of particular type. If you mean by professional looking woman well…that is what I like. Anyone can do the “get naked” and take pictures. If you mean that you see a number of the same women in my photography, I have a number of models that pose for me from all walks of life.

Could you explain your choice in women’s shoes that you photograph?

I like to feature high heel pumps. Mainly closed toe, leather and or patent leather and or vinyl and more name brand shoes. I don’t care too much for suede, mesh or fabric shoes. I don’t get all shoes wet or messy and I am not full on distructive with them but the patent leather and vinyl work the best for that. I am selective on footwear I use or obtain. I have to see a pair for what I need to use the for.


Are the women in your photos your sexual partners or models?

The women are only models and not partners. A few are friends do to my collaboration.

Could you explain the reason for these women placing their feet in water? And could you explain the different placements of water, swimming pools, baths and boxes of water? Why do you like seeing women placing their feet in food, especially desserts?

I love to see beautiful legs with high heels getting wet and messy. I think it is a really sexy look and a somewhat unexpected situation you would not mainly see sexy shoes submitted to.

Can you remember when you first started to feel attracted to women’s shoes?

I would say my interest in women’s shoes and woman in general would be around the age of puberty. This would not be an uncommen thing for most males.

Do you practice an adoration of shoes in your own personal sex life or just through the image you create?

I do like women to wear high heel during sexual intercourse with me but I don’t make it a set standard. The few shoe I do have are really well maintained and if they a not being used, they are stored away cleaned and polished. I never use them specifically for any self gratification. I think that comes with some maturity. Guy will ask me on Flickr if I do that sort of thing and tell me how they would violate my collection of women’s shoes! I tell them, you are not me and you will not get to my shoes.

Could you tell us a little more about your fans, your foot fetish is very defined in comparison to the average one.

I have a number of men like me who have the admiration of beautiful woman in heels as well as women well. I am also finding that trans sexuals and cross dressing males also seem to enjoy my works. I don’t know if they still admire images of basic glamour shots of women or my unique display of my images. I don’t understand why men want to be and or look like a woman by dressing as one but to each their own.


How do you go about finding the sets and costumes for your photographs?

That’s easy. Depend on the models own personal wardrobe, I’ll usually have them wear something they have if I am doing something perhaps more submissive with another woman vs a wet and messy themed situation and if they don’t have the attire for the look I need, I’ll get them. Shoes are always coordinated by me. I do like to create role playing and like shoes, I’ll obtain items online and or resale shops for the most part.

How much time do you spend creating images?

Creating images overall is lengthy and is hard to measure. From concept to edits, it’s never the same from one session to the next. Keep in mind not all of my works are all wet and messy. If you are looking at the actually session time is roughly an hours worth of work.

Sometimes its a bit longer when I have multiple models but if it is solo and the model has worked with me before, I don’t have to over explain what I am looking for in the session and I provide much of that before hand. The models are not too overly surprised by the time we actually are do the photo shoot.

There is a contrary though, I just so happen to have a glamour wet look session with a model I have worked with twice before in two weeks but she is sort of poky. She is on time but takes forever to get ready but that is okay since she has fun with the session and I like to work with her. She is on my Flickr site and she is the blond woman in my one of three “At The Pool” and my “Cascade” sets.

Could we discuss your use of using desserts and high heels? How do you choose the specific deserts?

As far as the heels with desserts, I don’t really have much reasoning for selecting the particular footwear to mess in the desert. I guess what I am looking for is ones likeness for the sexy shoe in something really sweet gives one the desire to want to lick the sweet goodness for the beautiful shoes! I think is even kinkier than just worshipping the shoes without food on them. I don’t see too many people doing the deserts with the heels on. The one thing that I would be great is to be served heels in a desert at a fine restaurant! I know its crazy and kinky but not something the board of health would advise but just the same! I would prefer the woman wearing the shoes in the process over a pair of pumps unworn in a cake or something like that. I love legs too and even with a pair of nice dress slacks, the shoes and the slacks can both get messy. Again, too many of the noted shoe fans out there don’t get the messy shoes in food and deserts but there is nothing too really get. I like to do and that is what matters! ; )


Did any of your fantasies germinate from a real experience of .. lets say a woman fully dressed in the bath or shower?

As far as my fantasizes for the wet look (again, I go beyond that) it would have started seeing a nicely dressed woman getting wet seemingly by falling into a pool or showering fully clothed or even by demonstrating something where they know deliberately they are to completely soaked in water on TV. Its only really life now that I create my own images.


Carol’s Revert Such beautiful shoes! I just loved going over them! So much more than just eye candy! I would love pretty heels served to me like this every day! A little mess on shoes never hurts them! Beside I love the sweetness of the smell of apple strudel with the scent of new leather! Its quite an intoxicating combination! lol
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‘At The Pool Part 1’

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