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The Blood Countess, Erzsebet Bathory – Obsession, Death, Torture, Love and Swedish extreme metal.

6 July 2015

Author : ami-evelyn-hughes


Elizabeth Bathory and her Husband, Ferenc, were an extremely wealthy partnership, owning many castles and more land than the king himself. Bathory was very clever and wealthy and Ferenc was the only one with a strong enough army to fight the Turks. The two families were the most powerful and respected throughout Hungary, this plays a huge part in how she managed to get away with the murder and torture of over 650 girls over a span of 25 years from 1585-1610.

Only years into the murderess’s spree did the rumours begin, and yet nothing was done for another twenty years. The stories of her serial murders and brutality are verified by the testimony of more than 300 witnesses and survivors as well as physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found around the castle and grounds at the time of her arrest.

The Countess was a beauty and wanted to stay beautiful, her looks became an obsession. The reason for the murders was to drain the blood of the girls and bathe it in to keep her skin young and pale, however the murders themselves became increasingly elaborate and there was vast evidence of cannibalism and extreme torture. A room beneath the castle was created with the sole purpose of torture, a cage was made, ordered by the Countess that would close upon the girls with inverted spikes that would pierce all over their bodies and drain their blood for Elizabeth to use.

This obsession with retaining her youthful skin was brought on by being completely heart broken by a young man from court who’s affair with Bathory was stopped by the boy’s father on account that she would never marry him and his reputation would be destroyed. This heartbreak, along with her relationship with her three accomplices, all spurred on and influenced her spree. These accomplices Semtész, Jó and Ficko would procure the young virgin girls from the surrounding towns and villages down below the Castle telling the families they would be used as servant girls in exchange for a little money. For many years they would only torture and kill these poor Slovakian peasant girls as no one would particularly notice or care about their disappearances. However, when she started to kill Hungarian girls, specifically when she went after the daughter of a Hungarian clergyman, who escaped and told of all that was going on at the castle, did the Hungarian aristocracy turn their attention to Elizabeth and set about investigating. Semtész and Jó had their fingers ripped off with pincers after the trial and their bodies thrown into fire, whilst Ficko was beheaded and Elizabeth was immured into one room of her Castle and lived in complete isolation there for 3 years until found dead, face down, weeks after she had died.

The best reference to Elizabeth is the Swedish extreme metal band ‘Bathory’, formed in 1983 by Tomas Forsberg known as Quorthorn, whose black metal style won them followers after being put on an album last minute by Quorthorns Dad who owned a Swedish record label. They have gone on to become one of the most respected metal bands ever, only ending after 17 albums when Quorthorn died of heart failure in 2004. Quorthorn was into vampires and had an interest in all demons, his vocals are demonic and he decided on the name Bathory after visiting the London Dungeons.

Bathory Family Crest
Bathory Frontman – Tomas Forsberg ‘Quorthorn’ 17 years old.




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