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Bang Bang Books choose their favourite sex books

8 July 2015

Author : reba

Bang Bang Books is a book seller based in Brussels. What makes Bang Bang books so good is their specialty in selling the rarest and most obscure erotic books, so accordingly we’ve spoken to them to choose some of their favourite pieces to share with us.
Extases – Ron Raffaelli & Nicole Avril
Tchou/Vertigo, Paris, 1975
Created by rock photographer Ron Raffaelli and his lover Nicole Avril, this is a brilliant book featuring nine “chapters” of psychedelic love and sex stories. It also has a little bit of text but admittedly, the most impressive part is the photography. I’m thrilled every time I open it.

Mountain Ecstasy – Penny Slinger & Nik Douglas

Dragon’s Dream, Paris, 1978

Continuing with my obsession with all things psychedelic, Penny Slinger and Nik Douglas’s ‘Mountain Ecstasy’ is a perfect mix of poetry, erotic collage and tantric sex on paper. It does not need much introduction, I think the images speak for themselves.

The New York Review of Sex (and Politics)
Issue 7,NYC, 1969

This was an underground sex paper without much sex in it… It was founded by early members of Al Goldstein’s legendary Screw Magazine and positioned itself as a more high class & politics inclined version of Screw but was unfortunately quite short-lived.The design and the front pages were absolutely gorgeous and always inventive…

Smooth Magazine
Swish Publications, London

Although I own a lot of S&M and rubber magazines, my favorite ones always have a touch of humor or awkwardness in their texts and pictures. Smooth is one of those. Made especially “for those appreciative of the sensual properties of Rubber”, it features long erotic text pieces involving rubber, latex and submission. This one is the “special dentist issue”.



School of Discipline
London Life Publishing, 1976

Another one of my dirty yet slightly awkward little books. Great outfits and very little facial expressions here.


Banana Split – Cheyco Leidmann

German edition, Swan Verlag GmbH, 1982
When I think about the 80’s or Miami, I think about the cult photographer Cheyco Leidmann. It has it all: the larger-than-life craziness, the bold colours and a surrealist and dramatic quality that is hard to top photography-wise.

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