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24 July 2015

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

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Paris IV, London Showrooms, 15h30 – If the evolution of streetwear is integral to London’s mens fashion, Liam Hodges has been one of the main protagonists of London’s most exciting generation of menswear designers alongside Agi & Sam, Craig Green and James Long, to name few. A strong British tribal mentality lays in his designs as for each collection he elaborates a narrative around a type of community, merging high fashion and subcultural references.

After Morris dancers, Kibbo Keft youth clubs and Pagan practitioners, the RCA graduate chose Pirate Radios as his core narrative. A small community decided to occupy some frequencies and spread messages. Positive, honest and real is the message as the street poet Hector Aponysus’ rapped monologue about society, prosperity and community implied during the show.

Liam Hodges turns his inspirations into garments that these groups would put on but also enviable for a wider audience. Through details and winks, he instills these references in the collection: own graffiti binary coded camouflage weave, the jacquard football knit, ravy make up and gabber style music from Visionist. The aim is to create a complete world around each collection.

Paradoxically enough, we had to rush through a different kind of tribe to get to London Showroom and meet with Liam as the Tropical Carnival of Paris was taking place at rue Saint-Antoine. after some slaloms between dancers and watchers, it brought us to the Impasse Guéménée. There we met Liam Hodges, smiling, to talk about cities: London and Berlin, his communities and his world.

Video & Editing Shôta Sakami.

Direction & interview Céline Bischoff.

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