28 July 2015

Author : jeanne-salome-rochat

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Paris II, Le Gibus, 24th June 2015, 15h30 ”” Le GIbus has been one of these emblematic clubs from the 80-90s rock scene in Paris, now reconverted into a club hosting some of Paris ‘ most underground club nights. Shortly after penetrating the club via its dark staircase, the excitement was accentuated by the whole setting: a narrow podium, crude lights and 90s Acid House.

Lights out, a last “Faster Faster Faster” and the show began. Fabulous Club Kinds appears on the narrow podium in their natural yet sophisticated straightforwardness and attitude. Here the urge and restless atmosphere accentuated the young label and its creative director’s authenticity. Black from the Soft Moon rythme the path of the models for the final with its provocative “I don’t care what they say”.

Glenn Martens has quite an outsider profile in the industry. After graduating from a degree in architecture at the age of 21, he entered The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, and worked as a junior designer for Jean Paul Gaultier. After taking over Yohan Serfaty’s label in 2013, he brought the label a new life with his sharp design, elongated silhouettes and bold fabric choices.

Shortly after the show, we met him in Y/Project’s showroom to speak about the influence of his hometown, Bruges, gothic architecture in his tailoring, gender fluidity and youth.

Special thanks to Robin Meason.

Video & Editing Shôta Sakami. Direction & Interview Céline Bischoff.

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