11 August 2015

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Oil Burner is 23 and was born and lives in LA, he just guested with us at Sang Bleu this weekend and I went to catch up with him before he flew back to the states. He works at Sin City Tattoo shop in LA and plays in a punk band (Dopeslammer) and has his own rap project (Slave to the grave). He is heavily influenced by rap and graffiti culture, this along with his friendship with Trigz of MSK has all lead to his amazing talent for script, Oil burners script is particularly arrant, from LA gang sign inspired to metal fonts.

How did you get the name Oil Burner?

Well at the shop they sell pipes to smoke meth from and I would keep them all at my station so everyone started calling me oil burner.

So you’ve been here at Sang bleu over the weekend, do you like to guest? Where’s your favourite place to guest at?

I like Oakland a lot ,Philip Milics shop ‘Old Crow Tattoo’, I have friends there and it’s a lot of fun.

Are there specific genres of music that either influences your work as a tattooist or certain bands you have to have on when you’re working?

It doesn’t really matter actually, I really like Velvet Cocoon but mostly I listen to rap like 36 and spn, psycho realm and Lil Boozy.

So you’re not really into metal? So what inspired you to start creating metal font tattoos?

I mean I’m into a little, but not so much for the music but more because its fucked up, I actually started doing them by accident, like one time I tried to fix a mistake and that happened.

If you’re only 23 now ,when did you get into tattooing and why?

I started when I was 16, like just for fun on friends, I didn’t really plan on doing this, like I couldn’t get a job, so I just started tattooing my friends when I was drunk.

Fair enough, well it’s worked out pretty well hasn’t it; tell us about your music projects?

Yeah I’m in a punk band called Dope slammer with my friend and I’m doing some rap stuff with another one of my friends, I’ll send you the links so you can listen.

Cool, are there any pieces you are hoping to tattoo soon, any saved up designs?

Yeah well I’d really like to get to do someone’s forearm and down onto all their fingers, I don’t really like to know exactly what I’m going to do before, I mean they sometimes tell me, but I don’t draw it up until just before, I prefer to just draw on the spot.

You mention Trigs a lot, who was he?

A really good friend of mine who died last year, He was a piercer and he owned the shop I work at for a long time, plus he was a pretty well known graffiti artist from Los Angeles. He’s been in a lot of music videos too, he was in school boy Q videos. I miss him a lot.

I see you have chickens, I love chickens so much, tell me about yours?

Yes I do have two Chickens, Their names are Corona, the yellow one and Pinto, the big brown one!
I named her Corona because she’s yellow, like, that beer “Corona Extra” and Pinto because she is brown like
pinto beans, also they used to sleep in a 24 pack box of Corona Extra beer.
I love them because they are super cute and they love listening to Lil Boosie and Mournful Congregation,
they love eating grass and they give me kisses when they tell me Hello and Goodbye, I’m always surprised how smart they are to remember and recognize me, I always feed them, collect their eggs and let them out to play.
Corona is a handful, she’s so rebellious and very active while Pinto is just lazy and likes to sit around underneath a pile of dirt. They are about 1 1/2 years old now and they are my babies and my best friends!
Finally, who are your favourite tattooists/biggest influences or inspirations?
My favourite tattooers are actually my friends! I feel like I learn most from knowing their personalities and seeing how they work, as oppose to just looking at art or photos from artists that you don’t know personally, because if you don’t see or know the person it’s difficult to know where the art comes from and their influences.
I feel lucky to have my favourite artists be my friends because we all improve quicker and influence each other in certain ways! My friends or favourite artists are: Delphine Noiztoy, Laurent Maina, and Yann Brenyak -body mod artist from ( Lacemakers Sweatshop, London) , Saul Mora, Zach Chavo, Burner Ochoa, and Sebastian InkClouds from (Sin City Tattoo, Los Angeles), and Reverend Leaf from (Gnostic Tattoo, Brooklyn.New York).








Dope slammer


R.I.P TRIGZ money goes to his family

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