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Interviewing Maegan, a make-up artist to the models of Playboy

11 September 2015

Author : reba


Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 10.32.41Make-up was until very recently only ever worn by prostitutes but gained popularity with the advent of Hollywood films in the 1930s and 40s. Cosmetics were worn by actresses for no other reason than to highlight the contours of the face so the low quality black and white film would be able to pick up on them. This anomaly has now created economic and social structures that infiltrates how most women invest their time and money. Its strange to think of make-up being a ritual that less than a century ago was rarely performed and has only now been adopted due to a vague technological fault.

A lot of women in the world wear make up, and there is a specialist for all sorts of the many areas that the profession entails. Whether that is within fashion, bridal, personal make-overs, television or film, there is always a hierarchy of the best professionals in each field.

The make -up artists job is unique to every person they work with. Their job primary deals with transforming women, and now more often men too. Usually is aims to make women look more ‘attractive’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘sexy’ , by enhancing or covering parts of the face. It can be used as an escapist format, it can be playful but it can also be full of self loathing. There is no real right or wrong answer about whether make-up is good or bad or not but purely comes down to a personal choice. Trends are also inherent to the cosmetics industry, we look at what celebrities are wearing, which part of the face is being more exaggerated at the moment? What type of eyebrow is fashion?

Maegan lives in California and is a make up artist. What makes her special is the fact that she is one of the most desired make-up artists within the field of the adult film industry. Essentially her job is about creating a format of sexiness for men. Adult film workers post selfies on instagram showing off that Maegan has done their make-up with pride.

I spoke to Maegan briefly about her career over email.

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How did you become a make-up artist?

At a young age the fashion world and the models of that world were so interesting to me. I always knew I wanted to make people look and feel beautiful, to be a makeup artist is an amazing thing. I can remember not feeling beautiful in junior high and my classmates were not the nicest to me, so in high school i decided to go into cosmology for hair. I was working in a salon and realized I loved makeup so much more. I immediately went into Freelance Makeup and started working for MAC COSMETICS. I was inspired by my own feelings and motivated to not only acheive feeling beautiful myself, but enhancing others beauty from the outside in.

You are perhaps best known as doing the make-up for magazines such as Playboy, how did this particular niche occur?

I have such a strong passion for glamor, I just kinda fell into it.

Do you see trends appear and then disappear in the context of Glamor modelling. And if so what are these?

Trends and looks are ever changing and is driven by the fashion world. All new fashions on the run way inspire what makeup is current here and now.

Why do you have a strong passion for glamour modelling?
In Glamour Modling the makeup tends to be alot heavery and in that you can really enhance someone beauty in different ways that they couldn’t otherwise do themselves.

Could you give us an example of how the fashion world has been inspired glamour modelling? – What fashion trends have inspired you that love interpreted into the glamour world?
I feel that Glamor modeling has inspired women to feel more free and beautiful in their own skin, That makes it more acceptable by society.

You can follow Maegan on Instagram here.

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