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Favourite Books and Zines of the NY Art Book Fair

23 September 2015

Author : ellen-turner

Last weekend Printed Matter hosted the 9th annual New York Art Book Fair at MoMAPS1 in Long Island. Sang Bleu’s collaboration with Wet Satin Press, The Fetish Series, was exhibited alongside thousands of publications from 350 booksellers, publishers and artists.

With something to suit all tastes and humours, the scope of publications for sale ranged from subculture to sex to sci-fi to architecture and girl with guns on tinder. In our digital age, one of dot coms and collectivised tastes on tumblr, the popularity and variety of the exhibited works is a testament to the physicalised form of printed matter; ‘print is dead’ is a futile utterance here.

We purveyed the hundreds of stalls, books and zines and from Iggy Pop to Wormy, have collected together our favourites of the fair.


Finger, Vasta Images and Books

Vasta Images and Books specialise in sexpapers and 70s newsstand smut. ‘Finger’ was a periodical near wholly created from reader submissions. Featuring absurd photography like a dog licking a woman’s breast and erotic fiction of questionable desire, Finger is a collated chronicle of perverted pornographic oddities.



Bitch Magnets, Kilroy Savage, Paperwork NYC

A zine featuring a collection of photographs found in a thrift store that documents the backstage happenings of the seediest of American strip clubs. These images of women, guns, hustlers and cocks against barren and out of place backgrounds (purple carpet and Winnie the Pooh) are unknown, raw and grotesque.



Walk This Way, Sophie Bramly

A publication of Sophie Bramly’s unseen photographs of the beginnings of Hip-Hop in the Bronx featuring a foreword by famed New York artist and hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy. The photographs chronicle the roots of a now universal and pioneering scene, though as the foreword states, ‘these photographs aren’t a catalogue of the past, but the reflection of hundreds of teenagers’ reaction to a social situation’. From the infamous graffitied subway cars to the streets and nights at the Bronx River Arts Centre, Walk This Way photographs the places and the spaces, as well as the individuals, that founded hip-hop from the foundations of dissatisfaction.





Punks and Portraits San Francisco 1979, John Roberts, Tiny Splendor Press

A collection of photographs taken in the San Fran punk scene of the late 70s by John Roberts found in the attic by his son, featuring the likes of Lydia Lunch and Iggy Pop. The 40 page risograph book is a beautiful and seminal subculture treasure, unearthed.








The Goddess and the Worm, Wet Satin Press

A submissive slave to an online dominatrix draws himself as a worm in his most pathetic and humiliating moments to his true utopia; wiggling in the mud of his Goddess’ garden.







Cody de Franco, New York Body Archive

Zine featuring advertisements sexual wear, shops and services. To a fetish flea market off Lafayette st. to music especially composed for BDSM play, its a small catalogue of the materialised sexual body.








Party Out of Bounds: Nightlife as Activism Since 1980, Visual AIDS

The accompanying catalogue to Visual AIDs current exhibition ‘Party Out of Bounds’ that pays homage to the artists, performers, activists, club owners and patrons who died due to complications from AIDs and celebrates the bars and clubs that act as a spatial platform for education, activism, community building, escape and sexual fluidity in the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic. The works by artists such as Keith Haring, Elegance Bratton and Genesis P-Orridge feature the likes of Cookie Mueller, Ethyl Eichelberger, Lady Bunny and John Sex.







Fuck You Glen E. Friedman, Bill Daniel

A small zine of famed subcultural photographer Glen E. Friedman ‘intruding’ on Bill Daniel trying to photograph skateboarding championships of Western California in the 70s.

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