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Portraits of people at KAOS by Eloise Parry

30 November 2015

Author : reba

KAOS remains one of the most authentically subversive nightclubs in London and last month it celebrated its tenth anniversary where myself and Eloise went to take portraits of the hardened fans of the club.

Lee Adams, the founder let us use the shower room in The Flying Dutchman as a studio. I would wait outside the shower room while Eloise took photographs of individuals and I would catch people to be photographed and wait with them while Eloise finished each portrait.

There is a kind of following that KAOS possesses which I’ve never experience for any other social event. The club lets its attendees manifest themselves into something that the mundanity of day to day life doesn’t necessarily offer us. Although the club has a reputation for being utterly wild, which it very much is, I’ve never visited a club which is simultaneously so inclusive. People of all backgrounds and ages attend to experience a similar kind of expression.

The club is known for being closely associated with a fetish and performance art scene and the likes of Ron Athey, Franko B, Chadd Curry and David Hoyle are always familiar faces. However it is also enjoyed for its dj’s who play dark techno which is not necessarily available to experience in many other clubs in London.

These portraits have been chosen to show you all a kind of underground culture which is very much alive in London but once used to be more vibrant. It is so important to document and keep this kind of underground culture going in the face of commercialisation spreading its tendrils and seeping into everything. This club remains utterly original and so do the individuals who support it.

Chadd Curry
Franko B
Malvina and Svetlana





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