Currently reading : Online premier: Gorgone by Hope Plescia.

Online premier: Gorgone by Hope Plescia.

2 December 2015

Author : reba


Gorgone directed by Hope Plescia.
London, 2015. 3:33 min.
Earlier this year Hope Plescia created a film which we premiered this summer alongside Jun Matsui film at Dalston’s Rio cinema. Working closely with Shibari model and rigger Gorgone, the film explores the secret world of Japanese Rope bondage better known as Shibari or Kinbaku.
Gorgone grants the viewer an intimate look into the specific practice of self-suspension. Here, the power play dynamic between dominant and submissive, model and rigger, are dealt with internally through one woman’s exploration.


Gorgone Image 2


Gorgone image

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