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SB6 Archive (2012): Les Transmutations du Corbeau

19 August 2017

Photography by Odile Bernard Shroder

"T'Aelia Loelia Crispis is my name. I am neither a man nor a woman, nor a hermaphodite, nor a virgin, nor a teenager, nor an old woman.

I am neither a prostitute, nor virtuous, but all this together at once. I neither died of starvation, nor by iron, nor by poison but by all these things has the time.

I neither rest in the sky, nor in the ground, nor in water, but everywhere. Lucius Agatho Priscius who was neither my husband, nor my lover, nor my slave, without sorrow, without enjoyment, without tears, made raised me, knowing and not knowing for whom, this monument which is neither a pyramid nor a sepulchre, but both. It is here a grave which does not contain a corpse; it is a corpse which is not contained in a sepulchre. The corpse and the sepulchre make one.” (1)

(1) Theatrum Chimicum 1694, p. 744

Photography and Art Odile Bernard Shroder
Model Ugné Andrikonyte
Fashion Rodrigo Morales Pomarat

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