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SB6 Archive (2012): Devo-Ration

29 August 2017

Words by Fuzi UV TPK

Photography by Fuzi UV TPK

Tony, Moreno, Lyndsay and Testimy are names spread on the walls of their neighborhood, like litanies. Using chalk, paint, marker pens or sprays, kids write lists of names everywhere, under the amused look of adults.

Saint Jacques, Citée Transit, Citée Belus and Perpignan are the Catalan gypsy neighborhoods that settled in the city center. 

They speak another language, they have different codes of thinking, different codes of living. They inspire local people with disgust, poverty, dependence, as well as jealousy of a lost freedom. A kind of freedom they probably never had, and keep fantasizing about. A folklore made of ignorance and fear is taking place, one street away from the main city malls. Only gypsies can enter those areas. If you’re not a gypsy, you represent the state: police or social aid. 

I got used to it and learned about how to behave. I managed to bring back thousands of images that now function as an archive, as the city authorities are progressively taking over, so as to move the undesirable people to the periphery.

My images show streets that are cover in colored stains and lists of names that were instinctively written by kids. It’s about a message of humor or despair that covers everything, an extraordinary scenery. It’s alive, witnessing the space between two worlds that are close, but don’t understand each other.

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